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After being in the handcrafted furniture business for over 30 years operating as Tennessee Chair Company, we are happy to also offer a fine line of unique Amish Caskets. These are available to you through the funeral home of your choice. My name is Tim Watts and I am excited to show this casket collection that I sell and distribute in Tennessee. We are the Tennessee home of the Amish Barn Wood Casket. This Amish Casket Collection includes many different hardwoods including: Barn Wood, Rustic Cedar, Solid Walnut, Solid Cherry, Rustic Pine, Solid Oak, Rustic Hickory, Chesterfield Oak, the Seymour, and the Woods of Tennessee, (a multi-wood) made from various woods. We have other woods available also. Please contact us for your casket needs! We look forward to hearing from you!

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